Honoring Those Who Served and Sacrificed

September 14, 2017

black ribbon to remember POWs and MIAs

Honoring veterans is how we pay tribute to those who served and sacrificed for their country. Learn about National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

We know it is important to pay tribute to seniors who have served and sacrificed for the good of their country. This is especially true on September 15th, National Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Recognition Day. It’s a day for honoring veterans, a day intended to draw attention to the accomplishments of our military veterans and to express, as best we can, the gratitude we hold in our hearts for all they have done for us.

A Tribute to Our Veterans

On National POW/MIA Recognition Day, we take time to reflect on the sacrifices the older generation made in service to our country. This annual event was designed to honor missing military members and those who were held captive during a time of war or conflict.

Veterans’ organizations across the country hold ceremonies throughout the week prior to this special day. Their goal is to raise awareness, especially to the fact that some of these brave soldiers are still missing; and their families are still searching for answers. The week culminates with a national ceremony in Washington, DC, on September 15th.

The National League of Families says it is important for us to honor and act.  Explaining it as “America’s POW/MIAs should be honored and recognized, rather than memorialized, with the focus on continuing commitment to account as fully as possible for those still missing.  Strong, united support by the American people is crucial to achieving concrete answers.”

A Special Note for Caregivers

We’d also like to reach out to the family caregivers of older veterans. These are the loved ones who tend to veterans’ daily needs and ensure they feel loved and appreciated. Caring for a senior whose health is declining can be difficult and daunting work.

We want to acknowledge each caregiver’s efforts as they are the ones who have truly followed the example of our older veterans. It is important that caregivers know we notice and appreciate their efforts and the fact that they are continuing veterans’ noble legacy of serving others.

Providing a Caring Environment for Honoring Veterans

We understand that caring for a senior loved one is a commitment that requires diligence, patience, and an open heart. And that caring for a senior at home sometimes isn’t the best solution.

If your senior loved one requires more support than you and your family can safely provide at home, we’d love an opportunity to supplement your efforts.

At Legacy Senior Living, we do more than simply pay tribute to our senior veterans and their caregivers. We are proud to say our communities are home to many retired members of all four branches of our military. We work hard every day to ensure they live their life to the fullest.

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