Gift Guide for Seniors in Assisted Living

November 11, 2019

Are you struggling to think of a holiday gift for an older adult who lives in an assisted living community? Here are a few ideas you might find helpful.

Every year as the holidays approach, we hear a familiar question from adult children: what gift can we get our mom or dad? Purchasing a holiday gift for a senior who seems to have everything because they live in an assisted living community where most of their wants and needs are provided.

We do have a few suggestions for gifts residents enjoy and several ideas for meaningful experience gifts.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Residents

  • Personalized stationery:

This is a generation that still believes in writing letters and sending personal thank-you notes. A thoughtful holiday gift might be stationery set with their name and address printed on it, along with address labels, postage stamps, and a nice pen.

  • Plants:

While a senior may not have a lot of extra room in their apartment or suite, there’s always space for plants! In addition to making the home look more inviting, many plants also purify the air.

  • Digital subscriptions:

While many senior living communities offer cable, they don’t usually include subscriptions to specialty channels. You could pay for a yearly membership to Netflix or Hulu so the senior has instant access to movies and favorite television series.

  • Arts and crafts supplies:

Ample research shows the health benefits of engaging in artsy pursuits. From better brain function to a stronger immune system, supplies that spark creativity make for some healthy fun. You can also purchase or put together a fun craft kit or scrapbooking sets, such as drawing supplies or a beginner watercolor package.

  • Indulgence gifts:

A senior on a tight budget might not indulge themselves often. That’s why gifts like a favorite perfume or cologne might be appreciated. A gift certificate for a manicure or hair cut at their assisted living community’s beauty/barbershop or gift cards to local restaurants are also treats.

  • Charitable donations:

You might consider donating to a charity the senior feels passionate about. You could include logo gifts from the charity’s online store. Many sell T-shirts, mugs, hats, and more to raise additional funds.

Giving Experience Gifts during the Holidays

For many older adults, quality time may be the greatest holiday gift of all. You can plan a special outing or gathering to celebrate the season with your loved one. Bringing together several generations of the family is a gift that keeps on giving. Giving Seniors “Experience” Gifts this Holiday Season has a variety of suggestions.

Visit a Legacy Community during the Holidays

If you’ve been considering visiting a senior living community on behalf of a loved one, drop by during the holidays. From joyful choral concerts to games, the holidays are a festive time to visit. Call the Legacy community nearest you to set up a time.